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The Sea Merchant

Monstera Monkey Mask

Monstera Monkey Mask

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Showing off deep green leaves with large holes throughout, Monstera Monkey Mask (Monstera adansonii) is a short clumping type of vine that is an extremely easy to grow houseplant, just like many others of this wonderful family of plants.
This distinctive looking rainforest plant will happily grow indoors with a minimum of care and will climb along a stake, moss stick or trellis creating a beautiful display. As this plant matures, individual leaves can grow to a reasonably large size, but not quite as big as it’s cousin, the Fruit Salad plant. Monstera Monkey Mask is also more vine-like that it’s cousin as well.

Monstera are perfect for pots and indoor culture and they require a well drained soil and a brightly lit position out of direct sunlight. Preferring light humidity, Monstera appreciate regular watering, but do not let the plant become waterlogged

Pot Size: 130ml

Approx. - 30cm tall

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